Is It Smart To Roll Your Student Loans Into A Mortgage?

As more and more young people enter adulthood saddled by student debt, the options for consolidating and managing that debt are growing, too. One such option for those wishing to purchase a home is to roll student loan debt into a larger mortgage loan. This practice isn’t suitable for everyone, though. Read on to learn […]

Do you Meet The Requirements For A Reverse Mortgage?

Reverse mortgages are becoming an increasingly popular way for senior citizens to finance their retirements using the equity in their homes. However, this financial tool isn’t right for everyone, and not all seniors will qualify. Click below to learn more about reverse mortgage eligibility. Image via Flickr/seniorsfirstau Continue to original source.

The Lending Lexicon: Learn The Mortgage Terms You Need To Know

The home buying process can be fraught with confusing terminology, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. That’s why the experts at have assembled a full glossary of common mortgage terms, complete with examples when necessary. Click the link to begin exploring all the terminology you’ve been wondering about. Image via Flickr/Aaron Snyder Continue to […]

Cash-Out Refinance: Everything You Need To Know

In a traditional mortgage refinance, the homeowner assumes a brand new loan on their existing home, typically with better terms, such as a lower interest rate. However, there is another type of refinance that allows the homeowner to pocket some extra cash. Read on to learn how this interesting option works. Image via Flickr/Jim Downs […]

Is It Free To Refinance A Mortgage Loan?

Just as with your initial home purchase, refinancing your mortgage loan will come with closing costs and fees. However, not all lenders require the same costs, so it’s smart to shop around for the best refinance terms for your circumstances. Image via Flickr/Life’s A Beach Real Estate Continue to original source.