Credit Scores

Ways that Good Credit Saves You Money

With a good credit score comes great responsibility—and also great rewards and perks! If you have a higher score, you will probably find yourself saving money in ways that you may not have even realized possible. For instance, you’re eligible for top credit cards, which always means way more perks and benefits. On top of […]

Credit Score Myths You’ll Want to Ignore

There are plenty of myths floating around out there about credit scores, but sometimes believing certain ones can actually hurt you rather than help you. Here are a few myths that, if you hear them, you’ll want to let them in one ear and out the other. Checking your own score will hurt your score. […]

Things that Don’t Negatively Impact Your Credit Score

Sometimes it feels like almost everything can have a negative impact on your credit score. Here are a few things that won’t hurt your score. How much money you make from your job. The amount of money you keep in the bank. Debit cards. Late fees–to an extent. You have until 30 days after the […]

Nearly Half Of Millennials Feel Held Back By Their Credit Scores

It seems many millennials are facing an uphill battle with bad credit, and a recent survey has illuminated just how large a problem it is. More than a quarter say their credit score has cost them a home, a loan or a line of credit, and many others cannot purchase a car due to credit […]

How Length Of Credit History Affects Your Score

The amount of time you’ve had credit makes a difference in your credit score. In fact, after payment history and amounts owed, length of credit history is the most influential part of your FICO score. Length of credit history means… Age of your oldest credit account Age of your newest credit account Average age of […]